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light-sensitive smart driving sunglasses

Booenn Light-sensitive smart sunglasses

The low power consumption Solar LCD colors glasses that the project research adopts solar LCD control, Sunshine intensity sensor, low power consumption LCD control, sun position sensor and other core technology.
smart sunglasses
  • Drive Power
    Solar battery
  • Reaction time(s)
  • Visible light transmittance(%)
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Working temperature(℃)
  • Weight(g)
  • Size(mm)
    General frame: 340*165*15
  • Lens material
    Plastic flexible liquid crystal
  • Frame material
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Dimensions of BooEnn
Dimensions-Solar Powered Glasses
  • $299.95
    one pair expected retail price $320.95
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  • $299.95
    one pair expected retail price $320.95
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  • $299.95
    one pair expected retail price $320.95
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function-auto discolor
The lens change to dim when there is light, otherwise the lens change to light color. Rapid automatic discolor in car brings clear vision and improve visibility.
function-anti fatigue
Anti-fatigue: Driving fatigue always happens during journey. Booenn light sensitive smart driving glasses let you drive 8 hours easy and relaxed.
function-prevent light pollution
Filter strong and dazzling light to prevent light pollution and protect eyes effectively.
Our Team
Quantum Communicational Tech Share(HK) Co,. Ltd was established in January 20, 2015. The team members are international high-tech persons in the electro-opti field. Their professions involve in Optoelectronics, Electronic Science and Technology, and Telecommunication Engineering etc. The experienced technicians can research and develop optical-mechanical-electrical projects independently.
  • Cheng Hu
    Cheng Hu
    General Manager
  • Yantao Lu
    Yantao Lu
    Managing Director
  • Xiaoyong Xue
    Xiaoyong Xue
    Production Manager
  • Haoxiu Yang
    Haoxiu Yang
    Electronics Engineer
  • Xiaogang Hao
    Xiaogang Hao
    Deputy Managing Director
  • Carrie Abigail
    Carrie Abigail
    Technical Engineer
  • Christine Harrell
    Christine Harrell
    QC Engineer
  • Lauren Barnett
    Lauren Barnett
    Public Relations Manager
  • Lewis Corbin
    Lewis Corbin
    Technical Engineer